Tuesday at the Table - Death by Chocolate Star

I actually have something to post due to the Dude's birthday party this weekend! It's more of a how-to (or how-not-to) than a recipe, but whatever. Totally counts.
So, the Star Wars themed birthday party was kind of a no-brainer here. Cake Central had a post on making your own Death Star cake, so I followed some of the instructions. Mainly baking in a bowl.
The first one is one box of cake mix in a 6" bowl. Round, but not very big. The second is one box in a 9" bowl. Big, but not very round.
{The suggestion was made to go with the little Death Star, and break the big one into pieces and call it Alderaan. Yes, we're horrible parents.}
If I had time to bake a third round, I would have gone with two boxes in the 9" bowl.
{My piping skills are less-than-adequate. But Lego lasers were a big hit!}
Instead, I went with the "cake pop" premise and mixed frosting and the crumbled flat cake. I cut out Star Wars shapes with my cutters, which actually worked really well considering they're not designed for cake.
I thought the kids would be annoyed by the lack of visible frosting, but they thought they were brownies, so it worked.
And the Dude's friends know him well.