Unicorn Pillow - Finished!

A slightly random project - I bought a charm pack of Unicorns and Rainbows by Riley Blake because - seriously - it's unicorns and rainbows.


I whipped it into this Moving On Up pattern by Crazy Mom Quilts, which was probably a bit too big for a pillow, but way too small for a quilt. I ignored the doubt and decided the couch needed a huge squishy unicorn pillow. Because don't all couches need that?


The best part is - I made a pillow insert from an old sheet and all the useless batting scraps I've saved for far too many years - poly from when I first started quilting, pieces that had been pieced together more than twice, skinny bits, random shapes. I cleared out several bags from the sewing room! And since my boys basically use all pillows as a weapon, it'll be frequently pummeled fluffed back into pillow shape.

The backing is more leftovers - the same backing as Berrylicious Dinos behind it. And the neutral is Kona Bone - more leftovers!