Vera Bradley Quilt - Finished!

So, a while ago, I was asked to make a quilt with Vera Bradley fabrics. I was a little apprehensive - all I knew about VB was the ugly pre-quilted purses - what if the fabric was horrendous to look at work with?

Luckily, it wasn't! A few of the fabrics were a bit closer to home-dec weight, but most of the others had a great hand. The one on the top left {and second row, last on right} was a napkin and was especially soft and delicate. And nothing was pre-quilted. Whew.

And even though it's way more paisley than I would ever want, the colors are quite lovely.

Of course, sewers might recognize some of the info on the selvage!

{Also note the cat hair! It's nice to receive fabric already coated in cat hair, especially given CC's love for this quilt.}

She originally asked for my Twinkle Twinkle design, but there just wasn't enough fabric to do it - I'd have to cut the pieces down to 3.5" and most of the designs were far bigger than that. The fabrics were remnants {or napkins} so there wasn't much to work with.

Suzanne did some Googling and picked this design - Strawberry Fields from Material Obsession. Which....I own! I guess it was meant to be! I scaled the blocks to fit the fabrics we had {and seriously - I had 35" of the star points and needed 33"! No miscutting allowed!}

I love the economy blocks - I used the same elephant print in the second square of all of them to tie it all together. And this green-dominant block is my very favorite - that's why it got center square!

I went way out of my comfort zone - after plenty of paper practice - and quilted an all-over freehand paisley design. It came out way, way better than I thought. {Wait, should I be admitting that on a customer quilt?}

It's not perfect - sometimes I forgot that I was supposed to be "traveling" and ended up going in tight circles - but for the most part, it's exactly better than I envisioned it.

Which is good because the backing shows off every single loop, vividly!

{And how perfect is that backing against the binding? She did that from memory!}

Label is a simple corner label - as usual, not filled out yet. But this time because we're still trying to come up with a name.

Vera - after binge-watching Downton Abbey, I don't have a good association with that name. But then, Firefly...this is my very favorite gun... Suzanne briefly called it "My Blue Heaven." I suggested a Beatles name because of the original Strawberry Fields...but there's not really a blue Beatles song. There's a Blue Album, on which Strawberry Fields appears...

Eventually it will have a name on the label, though!

This quilt was well-loved by the cats - which is good because it's a lap quilt and Suzanne has a lap cat who is very dedicated to his job.

This is his "don't tell CC where I am" look.

Oops, too late.

Ahh, mine to snuggle.

I tried some staged shots...and decided I'm just not that good at staged shots. Should the lamp be there? I can't tell if it's distracting. I can read tutorials all day on lighting {in fact, thanks to Lori's advice, I opened and shut the blinds in the bedroom until I figured out which one was causing the dapples on the end of the quilt} but I just can't "see" a good shot. Oh well.

Quilt Details
Fabric: Vera Bradley remnants, Kona Silver
Backing: Joann's Cozy Flannel, Aquarius
Binding: Vera Bradley
Size: 65" square
Pattern: Strawberry Fields by Sarah Fielke