Weekly Progress - Almost There?

There was a bit of sewing this week, but there is still so much organizing to do that the sewing room just didn't become a priority. My mom is here this week - and the Dude finally goes back to school - so hopefully we can finish things up and actually feel like we live here.

I pieced together a cover for the weighted blanket, basted it, and drew the primary quilting lines. Have to get this done during break times this week so it can go back with my mom! It's my lone NewFo for August.

{I so need an upright design wall!}

Finished off another set of the rectangle-snowballs for Flirt Marks the Spot.

I also did some prep work - sketching out two rainbow quilts for my mom to take back for her neighbor's approval, figuring out the design for my sister's wedding signature quilt {25 quarter yards of different Konas...no biggie!} and pulling out my notes on St. Paul's Cross.