Weekly Progress - Back to School {Again}

The Dude went back to school last week, after the longest Christmas break ever. I love having him around, but I also love not stepping on Legos constantly. I spent the free time whipping the house into shape, barely surviving my first week of full marathon training, running all the errands I try not to do with a kid in tow, and some sewing, too.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} My main goal for the week was tackling the scrap boxes, so I can get them back on the shelf before my husband gets home. I laid them all out on Monday, and there was a rare Wedge spotting!

Tuesday, I sorted out the Creams/Browns into separate boxes. Wednesday/Thursday, I sorted the most recent scraps out of the catch-all box.

Then it was time to start sorting and folding individual boxes. First up, the pink box, to make blocks...

...for a heart wall hanging...

...and this week, for this.

{Joining} the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I spent a while debating patterns, then noticed this one when I tossed the calendar it used to hold. Woo, a plan!

{Double X / New Album}
Two more blocks for my Saturday Sampler - only six to go!

{Design Wall} I turned everything on point to determine which sixteen will be the best in that direction.
{Joining} Triple Zip Pouch Quilt Along - I've wanted to try this for a while, so the quilt-along is just the push I needed! While sorting scraps, I quickly decided to use my Dear Stella leftovers. And...I don't know what else. But isn't the Dear Stella awesome?

{Joining} Yes, I'm a follower! I quit the Grandmother's Choice Quilt-Along because I just didn't like my fabric choices with the blocks. I'll repurpose those blocks...somewhere. 

Meanwhile, all that Poetica is begging to be used. So when the Starburst Quilt-Along came up, I jumped right in. Well, I put a toe in, at least. I'm making one 24" block for a pillow.

My next selections for Cat Tails. This is what I meant when I said I didn't know what I was thinking with some of the fabrics. To be honest, I don't even know where that light blue came from! No price tag, and I don't remember buying it. It'll look okay in the context of the quilt...I hope.

{For those paying attention...no, I didn't quilt anything. Ran out of bobbin thread and took a week off. Because.}