Weekly Progress - Big Things

Major events happening around here. Because I needed more on my plate before we moved.

We accepted a contract on the house! Yay! Awesome! Now I need to add inspections and carpet cleaning to my before-we-leave list! {Not that I'm complaining. Really. Honest.}

{I claim this minivan in the name of Run Disney.}

We bought a minivan! Yay! Awesome! Now I need to get it registered before we leave. And use it to make a million and a half trips to the storage unit to empty that. And repack it.

I plan on having everything that will go with us packed before the movers arrive next week. And that would be everything we need for the move, plus the bridal shower. Should be fun.


In Progress:

The last t-shirt quilt is 75% quilted - the grid is almost done, then I have some diagonal lines to add.

Design Wall...is no more. I broke down the insulation and threw it out {saving the flannel, of course.} Sad day.

And I caught up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! And July is teal, of which I already made two, and...that's the extent of my teal scraps. So, woo! All done for July!