Weekly Progress - Christmas is Done!

...but it's only done because I decided not to make doll dresses.

...because the one I did make turned out a bit short.

...Vivian would not be allowed at school in this dress!

I decided it was better to clean the house and prep sangria make cookies rather than continuing to fight with dresses that I'm just not very good at. 

Maybe next year I'll start sooner. Maybe next year I'll get to take the class on it. Maybe. But next year!

So, that puts me at done for Christmas sewing and nearly done shopping! Woo!

So, other than fight with doll dresses, last week, I...

Worked on the Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt, including figuring out to how make 32 HST at one time. 

I also finally picked my neutral fabric, so I need to catch up on a few block pieces. {And tucked the first choice into the project bag with my Bonnie and Camille stash. It fit in quite nicely there.}

And took a big piece of muslin and quilted every pillow cover, wall hanging, and table runner I could find.

That leaves me with plenty to bind over Christmas, when/if I get a chance. My only other goal is to stay somewhat caught up to the mystery quilt. That way I can trim HSTs when I get the chance, and keep the sewing room relatively clean throughout the break.

Wait, keep implies it already is clean, doesn't it?