Weekly Progress - #economyblockalong

I know, I know - I'm not a cool kid on Instagram. In fact, I can't even be if I wanted to, since someone {not naming any names but it starts with C and ends with...C} knocked my phone to the tile floor. Buh-bye, fancy phone. Hello, old phone.

Anyway, the owner of the Vera Bradley fabrics and I had many discussions over the best use of the fabric. Eventually she came up with this picture.

And I laughed, because of the super trendy Economy blocks. And then I laughed some more when I realized I owned the book with the pattern. So with a bit of fiddling to make it work with the sizes I had, I came out with this:

That was the biggest project of the week, though I managed to put the binding on this:

And as a leader/ender, put together this:

The panel pieces were already cut out, so I just paired them up with some 1.5" strips and whipped through to a finished project. Two, actually - the second one needs to be quilted and bound.

I also went though my pink bin and cut out my pieces for the weekly churn dash - sadly, no Sandy Gervais Valentine's! Mostly because I use them so much that only the smallest of scraps remain.

This one is Chez Moi, and ended up in Twinkle and Frolicking Pinwheels.

And I started cutting down scraps into 4" and 3.5" squares for a reverse heart quilt. It will be...very pink. I hope my eyes can handle it.