Weekly Progress - Finishing Some Tops

I finished THREE tops last week - and one is already basted and in the process of being quilted. It's really amazing what you can get done when there's very little to clean in your house.

I'm also focusing on getting one project done to completion before starting another, so there's less out to clean up if we have a showing. Weird how that helps.

And so...

Raiders T-shirt Quilt - quilting to Arrested Development episodes

OSU/Packers/tennis quilt - top done. Took about 90 minutes...but I think it's a pretty good design given the randomness of the fabrics.

Boardwalk - top done...mostly. I really like the borders of the pattern, but I don't have the necessary fabric. So it's going to marinate in the "finished tops" pile until I decide what's next.

Design Wall - the second random top. This one is OU/Steelers/Angels, which luckily means a lot of dipping into my scrap bags.

RSC - finished off green {April}. 

And woo - June is yellow, which is already an organized bin with a couple blocks cut out! Which means I should probably catch up on May's blues...

School is out, but VBS is in session, so I should get a good bit more checked off the list this week. As long as there's not too many interruptions for showings...