Weekly Progress - In a Funk

Gee, if you spend 6+ weeks working hard to get the house ready for the market, then a week or two happily sewing all the time because you finally can, you'll probably hit a wall. Hard.

So that's why I have very little to show this week.

I spent a lot of time trying to quilt the Raiders T-Shirt Quilt. And it spent a lot of time puckering and pulling and fighting with me. I finally threw in the towel and took it to my local long-arm quilter. After spending a lot more time picking out all the stitching.

But hey - the binding is ready to go when it comes back!

Then I worked on my second of the random themed quilts. This one is OU/Steelers/Angels. It's kind of vaguely based on Kate's OSU quilt {in the block design} and Kati's print gallery quilt {in the slightly more random layout and the negative space in the corners.} There will be blue sashing between each block.

And thanks to the prepwork being done when the color of the month was orange, I have my yellow leaders/enders ready to go. Except for one tiny detail - I'm completely out of neutral scraps. Never thought I'd see the bottom of that box! So I need to cut the remaining pieces of Cat Tails to get some more scraps.

And that's it! This week, the Dude and I are going work on shaking this funk, mainly by coming up with a summer routine, enforcing actual bedtimes, and eating proper meals. And not going to the Snocone stand every day. Hopefully that will carry over to the sewing room, because I have some more t-shirt quilts to churn out.