Weekly Progress - Kitty Overload

Chugging through the to-do list around here. With so much help from the feline members of the household.

{Catch the needle. Great game, CC.}
Rainbow Boats is stitched down and ready to be quilted.

{The only cat-free picture...but I had to shoo Tycho away to take it.}

Gobble Gobble wall hanging is also ready to be quilted.

Almost didn't get my Kate Spain charm swap fabric ironed...

The only other sewing has been debating the layout of my Swoon leftover HSTs. I have the other half of the Gobble Gobble panel, but not really enough HSTs to do anything there.

This is for a pillow cover, btw. So, my top layouts:
A} Morning Joe - I have the necessary background to fill in the corners
B} Morning Joe - non-scrappy
C} Chevrons - awkward 6x8 layout, but I can toss some background in between and get elongated neutral chevrons

D} Broken Dishes - awkward 6x8 layout that can't really be saved by background fabric
E} Or itty bitty central block Dishes with a lot of border space...slightly more centered
F} Sweet and Sassy - awkward 7x8 layout, but I have enough scraps to add the last row

{Oh, is it a jerk move to sleep on your fabric? It's also a jerk move to bring home a kitten without asking me.}

And that's about it here. I'm trying to focus on my goals, so I've been hacking away at t-shirts and cutting up paper templates, both of which aren't all that photo-worthy.