Weekly Progress - Little Bits

I am still slowly unpacking. We're at the lovely point where it feels like it will never actually get done, and we will drown in piles before we figure out where everything goes. So.Many.Tchotchkes.

This, of course, extends to the sewing room. I have no idea where I'm going to put a design wall. 

My two corners of the room look like this:

And this:

Wall space is pretty much gone. The front {toy} half of the room is all windows, so I'm not gaining any wall there. At this point, I think pinning a flannel-backed tablecloth to the archway is my only option. Sigh. I hate trying to fit into a new place!

But anyway, in between bursts of unpacking, I did manage a few little things.

Cut all the reds for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge leaders/enders.

And while I had the box out, I cut the reds for my Rainbow Chevron quilt.

And since I clearly hadn't spent enough time at the cutting table, I cut the first piece of Ripples & Reflections. It's actually the third color, but the first one is the border and the second one is the huge corner setting triangles - no need to cut those down for another year or so.

And I finished the nine-patches and four-patches for Flirt Marks the Spot. Still have snowball-ish blocks to piece before any sort of assembly, though.