Weekly Progress - Moving Along

What is it about the end of the month that makes me somewhat productive?

Oh, right, the accountability of linky parties. I don't want to disappoint the people on the internet, after all! ;)

So this week, my design wall finally changed!

Woo! Four Boardwalk blocks, finally done! I also cut the sashing strips. Now to finish off the last ten blocks!

Just a peek at the Twisted Four Patch - it's basted and being quilted right now...in between box packing.

Flirt strips sets are becoming blocks, in such an organized fashion.

For the Fifteen Minute Challenge, I sorted the yellow box, which also contains my paltry selection of orange {for the RSC.} I cut the RSC for yellow, too, while I was in there, and some blocks for a rainbow chevron quilt. Now that box can go into storage...sigh. Bye-bye, fabric!