Weekly Progress - On The Little Things

Lots of little updates this week!

 First, William's first birthday was Sunday. And this part of adoption? Really sucks. Oh well - we will celebrate his second and onward with him!

Second, this old fat boy is doing well. Stitches come out today, and hopefully we'll figure out a diet that prevent the stones coming back for both cats! No easy task, since they get stones for opposite reasons.

Third, since I have a picture of almost all my other kids... I took out my minky scrap box to show to a client. Someone loves minky.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
Another week with no organization. I really need to get back into the fifteen minute habit, because the flat surfaces are getting covered again!

Design Wall

The Toyland row quilt is pretty close to the assembly stage. It's been a good leader/ender project - I'm going to miss it! Oh wait, I have another one just like it.

{How to tell if you've exceeded your design wall space}
 My second version of Raspberry Dessert! Full post later this week.

I also finished a wall hanging for my mother, in PEO colors.

And now I really need to work on the to-be-quilted pile!