Weekly Progress - Slightly Less Grouchy

I'm a bit better about my funk this week, but I'm still a little there. I'm writing this in between a break from cleaning...why does it take hours on Mondays to recover from the weekend when you really don't have that big of a place to clean? {Or any stuff to have laying around?} Sigh...

Anyway, I got a lot more sewing done this past week. Woohoo on that, at least!

Family T-Shirt Quilt - Pieced and awaiting borders

RSC - is it just me, or does yellow photograph badly?

I cut all the remaining neutral pieces for Cat Tails so that I could get more centers for the RSC, and then I was an adult and put Cat Tails away until I finish all my pending projects. Boo for being an adult.

Meanwhile, the kid is off being a kid - he was at painting camp last week and general art camp this week. I need to find a good way to display his canvases - this is serious art!