Weekly Progress - Some...

I did not get a ton done this week - life got in the way of the sewing room. And it is continuing this week, to the point that there will be no post next week - I'll be on spring break.

Continuing my trend of only finishing pillows, this is the top for the Dude's birthday pillow. It's a Minecraft zombie, which is obviously vastly different from the Creeper.

This week's Cat Tails.

With Boardwalk base blocks as leaders/enders.

Which means the design wall hasn't changed, since none of the blocks are actually done.

Flirt strip sets are slowly becoming block pieces.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} On Monday I pulled out all my orange from the big scrap box for my Rainbow quilt. It's not much. I still have to dig through my yellow/orange bin and see if I can come up with ten blocks worth.

But the BIG fifteen minute thing was moving my fabric shelves into the playroom/soon-to-be-all-mine-room. I've been sorting old projects and fabrics and actually organizing what goes on the shelves. Clearly, the cat goes on one of them.