Weekly Progress - Some Little Projects

So, this past week was the first time since November that I wasn't devoting 1-2 hours a day to running.

I think it shows.


Central Park Sudoku - added the borders, finally. I was going to quilt it if I had time after the Flirt session, but it was snowing, so I went to the grocery store for my bread, milk, and eggs instead. The backing is already pinned to the zippers, so it'll get done soon-ish.

After my mother-in-law's marathon Christmas PJ pants sessions, my ironing board was looking sad. It already had the rips, but since my poor old iron leaks, I never use water in it. She didn't know that, so there were lots of water stains added. And the poor old iron gave up.

So I made a fresh new cover and got a fresh new iron. The cover is duck cloth, 54" wide. I left the selvages on and sewed some old double fold binding along the edges, popped in some elastic, and voila! Easy peasy way to brighten up the sewing room.

I moved the Dude's dress up bin to the other side of the play room and set the ironing board in front of the window so I could spy on the neighbors keep an eye out for the school bus. 

And notice the cat bed right underneath? And notice where CC is? Sigh.

I mustache you where you plan on keeping your allowance. {A wallet for the Dude.}


Cat Tails - ran out of Dimples. More horrifying - no store around here carries Dimples! Everything is pieced except the rows that can't be, and I'm working on an online order.

Weekly Churn Dash - this was another obvious pick. The backing of Bad Romance and one of my favorites in the pink bin!

I pieced together the jumbled mess of Celtic Solstice pieces from last week. Now let's play "Spot the Error!"

The owner of these fabrics and I worked out a great plan for them. So off I go to piece!

I also cleaned in the sewing room enough to find my list of Fat Quarter Stars - yay! Still can't find the binding for FPF or the table runner pattern. Sigh.