Weekly Progress - T-Shirt Tops

Lots of good things this week! 

We hit one month since custody, and except for communication issues and frequent 5:30 am wakeups, things are going great. The Little Man and I are working out a balanced schedule, and the Dude is enjoying the playtime as long as I also make sure he gets plenty of private Minecraft time.

Yesterday was also my wedding anniversary, and in true Air Force fashion, we spent it apart. I think out of twelve, we've spent maybe three together? My husband owes me a quilting day as soon as he gets back this week...

...because I finished off two t-shirt tops!

The grid ones go together really fast. Don't be too impressed. {Also, husband is away. I haven't cleaned the kitchen in a week.}

My weekly churn dash. So happy that it's yellow month! This is an older Fig Tree print, I think. It's been in a couple quilts now.

And since I'm ahead of schedule on the t-shirts, I started on my next commission, a Tennessee Waltz. I adore when someone wants my very favorite quilt! {But that means I'll have made two and still won't have one!}

Notice the lovely stack of red/blue four-patches? Made 80 of them before I checked my design. Um, yeah, it's supposed to be the much smaller stack of blue/grey four-patches. But hey! I started the border! Or another project! Yay?