Weekly Progress - With Bling!

Oh, my shiny. I love you so.
I was aiming for a 2:30:00 finish, and I actually did a good job making it up all the hills in the first five miles without stopping. Then around mile 8, my IT band was all, "Remember those hills? I hate you."

Close - and there are so many more squats and lunges in my future.

Ahem. Sewing. Yes, that's what I do. 
So Friday, I couldn't run, couldn't do strength, and had a lot of pent up energy. I scrubbed the house. I wrapped Christmas presents. I shredded an entire box of paper in the office.

Finally took that energy to the sewing room. I'm awaiting my next set of t-shirts, so I was free to do anything. I should have basted and quilted something. Or at least put borders on the few quilts that need them. Or made some doll dresses or prepped binding or...

Yeah. You know what I did.

New project!

It's a Schnibble, which is typically done with a layer cake, but I used up some Olivia yardage and fat quarters.

Oh, list of to-be-quilted tops... You're never going down.

Design Wall/UFO Busting - Chunky Log Cabin

I think the layout is going to come down to this one {Streak of Lightning} or the Furrows from two weeks ago. And I swear, I'm making a decision and putting them together before next week!

Also, my cat is a jerk.


Running T-Shirt Quilt #2

Other sewing

First of several doll dresses. I really need a model.

Saturday Sampler 2011 is back from the longarm. Time to prep some binding!

Made the Dude a pillowcase for his sleepover while I was in Tulsa.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
3 out of 7 - I wrapped ribbon, picked up the sewing room floor, and refolded and organized my flannel scraps after making the pillowcase.
Fifteen Minute Challenge @ Life In Pieces