Weekly Progress - You Can Take the Girl Out of Jersey

I'm a Jersey Girl, born and raised.

I went to the shore when I was a kid.

I jumped off a pier in Asbury Park in high school.
{Unless my mom reads this. In which case, that sounds very dangerous and I'm sure I would never do that.}

My husband and I went to the shore for our nine month dating anniversary, and I still have the cheesy boardwalk heart mirror with our names engraved on it.
Now, I have relatives and friends who are still without power, with a snowstorm on the way.

Please, if you're able, donate to the Red Cross or NJ Sandy Relief.

Vesuviusmama is also collecting quilt blocks for Sandy victims. I'll be sending her a few!

Anyway, there was some progress...

Finished tops:
Saturday Sampler 2011! It's off to the longarmer's. So glad to get this one out the door, long before Christmas.

Running T-Shirt Quilt #2 - have to quilt this one myself, and I'm out of batting until I hit Joann's with a 60% off coupon on Thursday. So I have a couple days off.

Design Wall/UFO Busting - Chunky Log Cabin
Finished all the blocks. Still pondering the layout. This one is a strong contender.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
Notion drawer before

Notion drawer after 15 minutes

Slowly keeping things picked up and in place. I have a Pinterest-y plan for the ribbon drawer that will definitely take a couple 15 minute sessions!

Fifteen Minute Challenge @ Life In Pieces