Weekly Update - Fusing Things

Lots done, but very little sewing this week.

First, a winner of my giveaway, which I didn't get to this weekend because we were at a wedding and I didn't want to interrupt family time. {Okay, really, the hotel internet was terrible.}

Random.org says the winner is....


Rachel, who looks like she uses panels.

She said: "Selling a house is such a pain. Empty as much as possible out so it looks bigger. No toys or pets helps, too. Good luck! The panel is cute. I know a couple of expectant moms...."

Lots of good advice from you all! I wonder if burying the Saint will work for a non-Catholic. ;)

I'm in the final crunch of cleaning, and working my way through a pile of t-shirt quilts, but first I need to take care of Victor, who died made a remarkable recovery while the Dude was at school today.


A peek at Rainbow Sherbet. Full post will be up in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

In Progress
Fusing and cutting blocks for the Raiders T-shirt Quilt.

The next stack...already measured and laid out on paper. Once the design is approved, I'll start cutting.

And in the RSC corner, I separated my blues into the suggested light/bright/dark. Except I don't really have a lot of what I'd consider bright. Which is okay - since they're wee little blocks, I don't want 30 blues compared to 10 of the other colors, so I think light/dark is enough.

As usual, the design wall isn't changing. Maybe someday soon...like when I don't have to run to three different stores to find a betta with the right coloring.