WiP - Sneezes

I have been hit with allergies - both mine and the boys - so this week has mostly involved wiping noses and complaining about sinuses. I also, as usual, have too many projects going and end up unfocused due to the fabric piles everywhere. Yesterday I did a big clean up of the sewing room, and my calendar, and planned out weekly goals and finishes, in an effort to get back on track. Hopefully it will help in this coming week...

I did finish the inside of my Make It Do top. Now a couple round of borders, and it's done!

Which brings me to my next thought. I did MID from scraps, and it took forever to find the right sized pieces. I don't precut scraps - I like to have options - but I also realize I have some common sized scraps and those could be sorted.

So I did. Since Kate at Life In Pieces is bringing back the Fifteen Minute Challenge, I'll work on these for 15 minutes every day. Then maybe I'll be in good shape for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge instead of spending half my Sunday digging through the bin!

But as you can see, my brown box is the most anemic one, so I had trouble coming up with something for the Churn Dashes. The one of the top left is two fabrics {same line...Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais...which I will never stop loving...} and the bottom one is actually one of my sister's. I just don't use brown. So some time this month, I have to go digging around and see what I can come up with for the fourth one.

IMG_1891Something I've been working on in September! I guest-posted today at the Finish Along about how I got the mojo back to finish this project...mostly by eliminating half the blocks. But I love how it finished up, and I never use patchwork borders, so that's fun and different.

Oh, and I trimmed up the edges of Gigi's quilt and started binding prep.

And last but definitely not least, I fixed the bottom right block and declared Cinderella done! For good, this time.

The color palette of the week is "October" - and to me, October is race season. The crisp fall air is the best time for running! And you know there's something seriously wrong with you when you read about races over the weekend and wish you were there...even though you raced last weekend, and Spokane's half is less than a week away!

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