WiP - Some {Shockingly}

  We've had a slightly busy two weeks, which has led to less sewing and more family time - which is certainly nothing to complain about!

My husband came home from deployment, so we went over to Glacier National Park. Gorgeous. I can't wait to come back when the buses can actually park here.

I did some quilt planning and shopping while we were away - buying a book on borders and trying to come up with a sashing plan for my churn dashes. I always use the same sashing and borders, so...I need to shake things up a little. Of course, avid pinning and graph paper sketches don't make the greatest pictures for blog posts.

So, you're left with what I'm actually working on - a t-shirt quilt all in rows...

...and my Sail Around the World. I spent weeks trying to get the layout/strip sets/seams straight, and finally I just turned to the good old computer. Shockingly {not really} this all goes together much faster when you're just following across the line.

And that's pretty much it. I bound a swap mini and worked on the borders for another one as a leader/ender project, but I'm trying to only keep the two main projects at the machine until they're done. Shockingly {not really} I'm finding it easier to work that way.

Oh, and today's color palette is the Dude's birthday cake that I had to special order from Dairy Queen, because chocolate in Oreos? Good. Chocolate crunchy stuff between layers? Good. Chocolate ice cream? POISON. But he managed to have his birthday on Free Cone Day, so who am I to complain about having to go pick it up?