WiP - Adult-ing

  Whew. This past week was filled with taxes and other business stuff that made me feel like an adult. {I have business cards in the mail - business cards!!} Which meant a little less sewing time. But now that I'm caught up on being an adult, I feel a little more organized for this coming business year. Which is a nice feeling. And should be rewarded with Starbucks.

Anyway, when I did sew, it was a t-shirt quilt...

...which is waiting for its utterly fantastic backing to come in the mail. The binding is made, quilting is scheduled...shipping is slow.

And I made these lovely blocks for Jennie's latest pattern release, Fresh Air.

And I finished off the top for the Cat Mini Swap. Those paw prints are only 2x2.5" finished! Next is embellishing a bit before quilting. Oh, and I have no idea how to quilt it.

I got a couple more strips together for Sail Around the World, and organized everything else so hopefully the final pieces come together quickly.

And finally, I started working on the second to last step of Ripples and Reflections. All the economy blocks are done - I just need to get them in the right color order and assembled with the right triangles. Wish me luck on that one.

And the color palette is...spring! It feels like spring here - warm and rainy - but it doesn't look blossomy yet. I'm ready to see growing things!

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