WiP - Almost, But Not Quite

  {Look, it's Monday! I'm posting on Monday!}

This last week had a bunch of things worked on, yet nothing really coming to a finish. Frustrating to post about, but after I finish the month's t-shirt quilt, I usually end up working on whatever I can/want to before the next deadline. Of course, some of these things have deadlines, too.


Like another t-shirt quilt. The top was made by a friend, for my high school band director. I volunteered to quilt and bind it. It'll be gifted tomorrow, so finish post after that.

And these Superman capes for my cousins' kids. The applique is done, they're stitched together - I just need to turn them, topstitch them, and do the clean-up work. And then make a Thor costume for my nephew for the same party.

And Ripples has a deadline. I sewed all the binding pieces together, but I haven't pressed it yet. Or trimmed the quilt top so the binding can be attached.

And I finished up the squadron baby blankets. But they need threads trimmed and a run through the laundry and delivered.

And speaking of deadlines - Shivaun isn't due till Christmas. I started quilting her after the t-shirt quilt last week....and the tension was messed up. Second time I've started a Christmas gift and will have to fix the stitches. I think Christmas is not a fan of being done early.

In non-deadline sewing I finished all the blocks to Taffy! But I haven't had a chance to lay them all out and make them a quilt top. Because since it's a Christmas quilt, I'm sure it will sabotage itself somehow.

And the palette of the week is "summer sippin'" - which to sweet Mormon Jennie is just lemonade. I....am not Mormon. Summer is for sangria. Lots and lots of sangria.

{Photo courtesy of Lori Barbely Photography.}

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