WiP - Back in Focus

Whew, it's much easier to work in a clean space {you know, minus all those Lego Duplos I keep stepping on} with a solid schedule. I can actually get things done!

Like the Denim Sawtooth Star quilt for my husband's grandmother. I admit, I wasn't a huge fan of making it, but now that it's done, I can't stop touching it.

Make It Do is down to the last borders. And a good pressing. I think things are about set with Jennie's pattern for a full reveal soon!

I pieced all the little bits for a Round and Round pocket panel for my Weekender, and then realized I completely underestimated how much background fabric I had left. And it's gone - none on Etsy, eBay, Google...even from the very few stores that may have had it. So now I'm trying to decide how it looks against a grey background. The grey flowers is the body of the bag, but I think there's red piping in between them.

So I can't decide if it looks like I planned badly...or if it's okay that the dots pop out as much as the stars...?

And then, inspired by Debbie's amazing Spiraled series, I played with my leftover Snowball HSTs. Last time they were out, I found one missing, which meant I wouldn't be able to have a perfectly matching set of pillows. So I had to let go of the symmetrical and just play...and it was FUN!

This won't be the final design. In fact, I think I'm going to pull it apart and make one of each solid color, because the near-solid reds blend too much. But it's nice to just move things around.

This week's color palette - rain. Okay, I'm a little more focused on the umbrella. I've wanted to make a red, black, and white quilt forever now. They just look so good together!

Oh, and there was no BOM work because I ran a half marathon on Sunday. Yes, my second in two weeks. No biggie. ;)

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