WiP - Blocks and Borders

  Progress has been steady this week, as I finished up a t-shirt quilt top, prepped things for quilting, worked on blocks {so many HSTs!} and managed to find a few minutes to play with borders. I also spent a lot of time making binding, so be prepared for some finishes! Woo!

First up - Texas t-shirt quilt. Quilted in loops and flowers, ready for binding. I adore the backing. Wonderful jewel tones.

Also quilted - Olaf of the Frozen panel quilts. I was planning on doing loops, but ended up swirling my way like a frozen wind across the quilt. {See what I did there?}

Unpictured - I finished the 14 blocks that make up the Anna/Elsa panel borders {finally - 192 HSTs!} and started attaching them to the quilt. Two more borders to go and it'll be ready for quilting.

Blocks that I did take pictures of - the Minecraft quilts in progress. Steve, the gentleman who needs a shave, was added this week.

And since I had the brown all sliced up, I laid out the cow. Well, most of the cow. And this new design board is awesome - just a 5/8 yard piece of grid interfacing on a 20x30" foam core board. Perfect for laying out one Minecraft block and bringing it from cutting table to machine.

And finally, I've been working on this in bits and pieces when I've finished the "real" work I've assigned to myself each day. The side borders are kinda, sorta, maybe supposed to make a zipper effect. I'm not sure it's there yet. I'm adding bricks along the top and bottom to even out the dimensions...it might help even out the design?

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