WiP - BoMs

Ahhh. Now that Christmas is over, I settled in for some block of the month work. It's nice to just catch up on projects instead of having a deadline!

The big one was Ripples and Reflections - and I do mean big. This step involved 60 new pieces, and pulling together a bunch of previous elements into nine 22" square blocks. It took FIVE HOURS. But they do look freaking amazing.

And while I was doing big, I decided to start and finish my Disney mini swap top as my final {sniff sniff} NewFO. This one is 20" square, and not at all a color scheme I would pick on purpose...but I think it suits my partner.

Then I finished the second pocket panel for my Bonnie & Camille Weekender. It's been delayed for a while because I wasn't feeling up to working with the fabrics, but I'm cleaning up the sewing room and the bag of scraps needed to be dealt with. So it's on its way to Jennie!

And my second-to-last-ish set of churn dashes! {I need eight more for a 7x8 layout.} I'm still raiding from the "large floral that can't be defined as one color" bin. Although that blue one could probably go in the blue bin. I think the last few will come from the stripes and dots bin, although I need to lay out everything and see which values I need.

I've also been thinking about the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for next year. I think I'm going to do Jack's Chain, which has been on my bucket list for a while. Like the churn dash, it's only four 9-patches a month. And no HSTs!

And then lastly, I've been put together parts of Five Spot as a leader/ender. I laid it out to see what I need to add, color-wise and block-wise. {More brights. More four-patches. No more stripes.} Baby is due in January, so finishing it up is my next priority.

So I'm going to get back to that, because checking on more top off the list before January 1 would be nice!

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