WiP - Checklists

  This week ended up being a matter of checking things off the list, rather than exercising much creativity. Which...sometimes happens. And gets things done. Creativity can be overrated, after all...?

First, and I am happy about this one - I finished the churn dashes! And even better, I pulled a vintage sheet from my stash {on the bottom left corner} and it fit perfectly. So I got it all prepped to quilt today, and...

It's the one thing that didn't get quilted. Table runners, check. Flower, check. Churn dash? Try again next week. But hey - on Saturday, I'm taking a longarm class with Pam Clarke. Maybe I'll get some amazing inspiration and it was fated to be delayed?

In not-very-creative work, I made a cherry block - seen on the right - and slapped an old WiP on the design wall. I don't think it's ever made a blog appearance before. I'm just grabbing pairs and stitching them together every now and again.

And since I've already received my Lori Holt mini swap, I better buckle down and get those fruits into their jars!

And my main project after the churn dashes were done is this one - a Frozen panel with wide borders. I'm almost done with the last two corner blocks, so it's a fast finish. Takes no brain power. But whatever - a little boy in Illinois will be very happy.

Oh, yeah, I finished the Halloween scrap quilt, too. I forgot about that. I guess I should quit complaining - finishing isn't as much fun as starting, but finishing is worth celebrating. And to be fair, I ordered fabric for the Frozen quilt backs {yes, that's plural Frozen quilts} and for the Minecraft quilts, so retail therapy was achieved as well.

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