WiP - Cutting Shirts

  This week was full of exciting things like cutting down shirts.

Okay, not so much, but they're all cut, prepped, and pieced as far as I can until the fabric I ordered shows up. I'm kind of excited about this one - I got the Haunted Mansion wallpaper from Spoonflower. It's subtle, but so very Disney.

Until that shows up, though, I'm at a standstill on the t-shirt quilt, so I pulled out Shivaun Place and prepped a block to see how it looks. And the answer to that is - pretty darn cool. The pattern adds little shoo-fly blocks with the sashing, and I'm trying to decide if I should go scrappy {using the block fabrics} or go with another fabric all together.

And through this, I pieced one Taffy block and started another as leader/enders. At this point, I could finish it off quickly, as I have four blocks left {including this one} - but they're easy L/E to have around. Between Shivaun and the t-shirt quilt, I might just have it finished by the end of May anyway.

I also did boring things like quilted the baseball love block from last week, and prepped the backing for Ripples and Reflections, and picked out the loose stitches on Fresh Air, but...that's pretty boring stuff. I start quilting R&R this week, so that should actually be exciting!

And my color palette just continues my nerdiness. Jennie said "fascinating." Of course I thought of Spock. {Note: if she makes next week "logical," you're getting Spock again. If she makes the week after "doctor," you're getting Dr. "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ..." Bones.}