WiP - Doing Whatever I Want

So... I deliberately didn't take on much work this summer because it's my first one with two kids. Turns out, that was a really good plan, because now I'm also solo parenting for the summer.

So I have officially declared that I'm doing whatever I want in July. If I want to add things to my UFO list and not check anything off - fine. If I want to do Christmas in July - go for it. (As is Sew Lux, Fort Worth Fabrics, Quilt Story...) If I want to slice off part of my thumb...oops.

Case in point. Inspired by Winding Bobbins and using Sew Crafty Jess' measurements, I ran a rotary blade right over my thumb. Okay, that might not be their fault.

But anyway - my start on my sister's Christmas tree skirt. Which is adorable and doesn't have any blood on it...thank goodness.

And since there was a little too much desert khaki in my life last week, I pulled out some fabrics I got out of the Cozy Quilt's sale section. They were leftover from a applique quilt, and random sizes, so I ran a couple quick calculations and made an Ohio Star/Nine Patch/Irish Chain baby quilt.

I don't have any reason for it, and I'm not going to be quilting it any time soon, but I hung it up on the railing and the bright colors make me happy. And CC loves to hide behind it for sneak attacks.

And of course, my red scraps always make me happy. The real challenge this month is to not use all Sandy Gervais Valentine's fabrics.

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