WiP - Drifting Through Summer

  It seems like I worked on a large variety of projects this week, getting close to finished {or even finished} before just stalling out and losing my focus. I blame summer. I always blame summer.

Finished: Rachel's T-Shirt Quilt. Measured: shirts for the next two t-shirt quilts. Design? Eh.

Partially Bound: my friend's baby quilt that I quilted for her. But I didn't have any light purple thread to finish it. Finally got that today, so this will be finished up in short order.

Also Partially Bound: Angel Wallhanging. And that's as far as I got until I free up the binding clips. And find spare hand stitching time. You'd think the summer would have more of that free time, right?

And then I sewed up another series of blocks for my Halloween tester pattern. It's coming along well, but I decided to make it bigger, so I'm at a standstill until more of the cream fabric arrives.

After I finished up that stuff, I looked around for a top to finish up. Taffy! All the blocks were done, right? Until I started laying it out and discovered I had managed to screw up nearly every single block. TWO errors in this one. And the ones that were sewn together weren't orientated right. Some pattern tester I am.

So, knowing that I have a ton of seam ripping to get that into a top, I got right to work shoved it in a bag to ignore for a while.

And then, because I couldn't figure out what to do next, I cleaned up. I know. I should have laid down until the urge passed or something. I can see the top of my cutting table, the bottom of my scrap basket, and a whole lot more in between.

And during this, I found the fabric I bought to make the boys pillowcases for the end of the school year. Well, I'm a little late, but they're done and on the beds tonight! And a six year age gap leads to interesting fabric choices.

And now, maybe with a cleaner sewing room, I can get back to work with a little more focus. Or not. It is summer, after all!