WiP - Good Stuff

  Between the sewing and the running, this turned out to be a rather good week. Lots of solid accomplishments that make me feel like my plans are actually moving in the right direction. And the household is starting to get into the fall routine, so it seems like we're all becoming a little more settled.

This is about the time I expect my husband to deploy and/or get orders.

Ahem. Anyway. So, the sewing. Mostly working out a t-shirt quilt design and cutting that out. That's pretty boring stuff, though.

So, in between the cutting out of shirts, I've been working on these two projects:

The top being the Woven Snowmen that's been my leader/ender for a couple of weeks. Only a few row seams to go, which is good because I need to clear the design wall off for the t-shirt quilt.

A close-up of the two bottom blocks - these are for the Elsa/Anna Frozen panel quilt. These are my test blocks, as the pattern calls for making the blocks with a few less seams...and a ton more wasted fabric. I haaaaaaaaate that - I could double stitch the seams and get "bonus" HSTs, but I have a few bags of bonus HSTs laying around that I never get around to making anything with. So I recalculated the design. These two came out right, so now I'm assembly-lining the rest of the blocks.

Most of which are still HSTs waiting to be trimmed. Sigh. Only 16 blocks, only 12 HSTs each one.

And then in running news, I ran my local half marathon yesterday. I didn't really taper much during the week, because I was planning on running it slow with a friend. I have been working at long, slow miles since August, trying to build up a solid base - and with real cross training {15+ mile bike rides} and strength training.

Well, apparently all that paid off, because I was feeling better than fine on all the hills - enthusiastically singing Macklemore on Doomsday Hill at mile nine. {Downtown was filmed in downtown Spokane - how could I resist?} My friend told me to ditch her and go for the PR {I think it was the singing} - so yeah. I did.

Not only was it a personal record - I felt great after because we weren't running hard in the beginning. And I still had plenty of energy left for 9-minute miles at the end. And I wasn't hurting too much at all. And Spokane is a really hilly course! Which makes me suddenly think that my training is actually working. Huh. Go figure!

So now I'm planning on keeping my runner's high for a while and getting.stuff.done!

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