WiP - HSTs

Oh, man, do I ever hate HSTs, and somehow, I ended up with a lot of them this week. There's dog ears scattered all around my cutting table. But also some cute stuff, so I guess it's worth it?

Like these, my weekly churn dashes that I should really be calling month churn dashes now. This month is light blue, and I already have plenty of blue, so I dove into my "floral-too-large-to-fit-one-color" box. Made an extra for last month {it's brownish!} I'll probably do December and the four remaining blocks to finish off my layout from this box...there's lots of choices!

{I hope my #makeadalekmakeafriend swap pattern isn't allergic to cats...}

And these - ooh, I like these. I made them with Debbie's Big Batch HST method, and in no time flat, I had 54 HSTs to trim up. Sigh. I'm trimming between chores, so it's not as painful. Scoop the cat box - trim five HSTs - change the diaper - trim five HSTs - mumble about potty training the entire house - trim five HSTs.

I cut the rest of Taffy and started chain piecing even more HSTs. Sigh.

And I finished Summer Drinks, which was luckily just binding and not all those HSTs.

I also quilted a couple tops and worked on another pattern for Jennie, but you'll just have to pretend there's pictures of that. I'll get around to it. After my nap. Man, I hate time changes. Can't we all just agree to stick with Standard this year?

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