WiP - June

  Whew! I had quite the month - quilting almost every week in the first half, to get everything done before school got out. I would literally unpin the zippers from one quilt and toss it in the corner to pin on the next one. Can't wait to have my own longarm and not be limited to school hours! Wait, that means I've moved to Oklahoma...nevermind. Anyway, so there's finishes galore, to the point that I've run out of Fridays to post them. And even more waiting for binding. Woohoo!

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The finishes - mostly t-shirt quilts. And there's two more to blog about still! And then one more to finish and then I'm done for the summer, at least.

I quilted three other things - one isn't even trimmed yet. One is my farewell to the PacNW bear paw for my best friend here. She won't take it until we leave, so it's not bound yet because I don't want to admit we're leaving.

And then I finally bound my sister's wedding quilt...her fourth anniversary is coming up. Sigh. {To be fair, I didn't have the blocks until last year!} It still needs to be stitched to the back. Like, this week.

I did a fairly miserable job on my weekly BOMs Away {I didn't even touch Eternal Bloom!} But I did manage to piece two tops in between all the t-shirt quilts. The Christmas one {no, really, that's a Christmas top} needs a second border, which will be a block tutorial in July. My OMG goal for June was to get it to this point, so...yay!

The second top was finished in record time, and will be quilted in July with my last t-shirt quilt. Because my baby is going to Space Camp and of course he needed a new quilt for it! It's a blatant copy of Life in Pieces' Geometry...don't worry, used with permission!

My OMG goal for July is finishing this top and getting it into the hands of my Quilts of Valor coordinator. Again, because I promised I would before I leave.

And, um, packing. Cleaning. Finding a house in Oklahoma. Panicking. You know, the usual.