WiP - Loss

  It was a sad two weeks here - last Monday, Tycho collapsed and died. He'd been failing since the beginning of August, so there was a small sense of relief that he was no longer suffering, but sadness at the end of the Wedge and Tycho era.

I was able to sit with him until he passed away, wrapped in his favorite quilt.

So the sewing room was slightly neglected during this time. I did manage to finish off a couple things, some with deadlines, but some that are missing their deadlines. {Sorry, Mom!}

I took a class with Pam Clarke almost a week and a half ago now, learning a whole bunch of FMQ techniques. Some I like {clamshells! orange peels!} Some I hate {pebbles!} I can't wait to get this piece bound and wash out all the marker so I can see how I really did.

I used some of the techniques immediately on my sister's Christmas tree skirt. I'll get better pics once I bury the threads and cut away the excess batting. And then mail it - haha, I don't have to bind this one!

I finished off a mini quilt for the Lori Holt swap. And I really should have gone darker on the jar lids.

I finished the last two blocks and attached the last Olaf borders. I already have the backing, so this will get longarmed soonish.

I've been working though this one as a leader/ender. {Hence why there's a missing block set in the middle there.} I pulled all the finished rows to the right so I knew what needed to be worked on - I've just been grabbing random sets.

And that's about it. Which, given the circumstances...

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