WiP - Quarterly Goals

Since it's the time of year for reflection, I've been thinking a bit about my goals for the year, my blog, my life, etc. I'm going to be having a year of UFO-finishing and stash busting...but I'm also going to join Instagram mini-swaps when I like the theme. {And only when I like the theme.} I'm not going on a full fabric diet - mostly I want to stop buying entirely new projects when I know I have a pile to finish.

So, since I want to focus on each month/quarter at a time, I'm not going to be posting the massive UFO list anymore for the Finish Along. Instead, I'm going to list what I reasonably, actually, really think I can/want to finish, with a bit of variety in case I can't find a project change my mind.

T-Shirt Quilt #1 - in progress {ALYOF monthly goal} - and #2 - booked for March. Possible third in negotiation.

Instagram swaps - Disney, due...today. {I'm gonna be a day late in mailing.} Cat - end of March. Rainbow - end of March. Have plans for both.


Weekly Churn Dash - eight more blocks, then I want them sashed and flimsied instead of put away and forgotten.

Also: Taffy, Woven Snowmen, Sail Around the World, Something New

Five Spot baby quilt - top finished, backing is prepped, waiting for a quilting day

Also: Angel Wall Hanging, Rainbow Chevron, Toy Story, Leftover Bunting

Hopefully keeping focus on one project + t-shirt quilt at a time will help knock off the UFOs this year!