WiP - Agent Orange

{Giveaway back this way!} Like, actual quilting! At the long arm place! Oh, it felt so good. Except at the end when I had been on my feet for 6+ hours.

So, lots of stuff nearing completion!

 photo IMG_1786_zps98d1a157.jpg

And I'd show them to you, but I'd hate to have to make the cat move so I can unpack them...

Quilted Completely

Wee Wander, Neverland, and Denim Stars. Two of the designs are from Angela Walters' book, and I have to say, I don't usually like her "quilted to death" stuff - but her designs worked perfectly on my quilts. I am in total love with the boxy allover I did on Neverland.

Quilted Partially

Tennessee Waltz, Cardinal Charms - TW, I like the center design, but I need to do some picking out and decide what to do in the other blocks; Cardinal Charms, I loaded wrong and need to cut off a piece of the side and add it to the bottom...sigh.


A lot of the work was backings and batting and general prep for Friday, but I did manage to get in some piecing.

 photo IMG_1780_zpsfb071772.jpg

I dove into my orange bin to finish up the churn dashes for the month - the orange on the bottom right is my absolutely favorite.

 photo IMG_1779_zps6ee0f9c8.jpg

And while I was there, I cut a bunch of pieces for Jennie's Make It Do. CC says you can't see it yet.

 photo IMG_1781_zpsdf03daff.jpg

And a couple strips for my IG-mini. See, told you I like that orange piece.

 photo IMG_1782_zps7152aa37.jpg

I've also been making four-patches for my Fat Quarter Stars border - it's done to borders now!

 photo IMG_1784_zps49c8c241.jpg

And since this is already late afternoon, I might as well claim this one - Spin Cycle is a top!

 photo IMG_1783_zpsf23c6507.jpg

And through all this, my little stack of Daisy leaders/enders has been growing. Sometimes it feels like it's growing faster than any other project.

I totally forgot about the color palette last week, but I'm back and ready to go this week! Until it was France. Hmmm, France...um...oh! Palmiers are TOTALLY French. I buy them at the French bakery in EPCOT! That's, like, authentic! And I'm now hungry.

 photo palmiers100-palette_zps4e028900.png

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