WiP - Separation of Kid and State

  First, the cat is still alive. Eating lots and generally acting like he wasn't dying. He's still terribly skinny and unhealthy looking, though - so who knows?

The other news this week was I finally snapped after stepping on the millionth toy car that kept appearing between my sewing machine and ironing board. Even though there was a huge space just past that.

And so we separated, using the toy storage unit and kitchen and my fabric bookshelves as a double-wide barrier. I'm still in the process of getting everything in order - on both sides - but it's already making me happier. I sacrificed the window light for wall space, which means...

...I finally found a wall to put up my design wall! And Flower! Which is, like so many other things this summer, going horribly awry. The middle block is correct. All the rest? Wrong-o! Since I didn't discover it until five blocks in, I'm just going to finish the blocks "wrong" and leave the right block in the middle. Sigh.

So I'll be using all my concentration to put together my t-shirt quilt correctly! Everything is cut out, the backing is the green, and the gold is filler to make the quilt a bit bigger.

And that's pretty much all I'm working on! Although I'm finding ALL the WiPs as I reorganize, so I'm making a long list of what to do next.

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