WiP - September

Oh, September. I always thought once I got the kids to school, I would settle back into a routine and get caught up on all the stuff I just never got around to this summer.

Hahahahaha - clearly I forgot that I had to actually train for the half Ironman. And that you just don't feel like doing much after biking for four hours. I have no idea how people train for these things with an actual job.


But. Anyway. That's done. Not done well - I actually am considered a "technical did not finish" - I covered the distance but not within the time limit. The heat bested me - starting the run at 1 pm when it was 94ยบ just...wasn't going to happen.

I'm definitely glad I tried - the cross training alone has made my running better and injury free...if you don't count the injuries I got falling off the bike. I need a lot more bike time before I attempt to avenge the course - shockingly, just because everyone knows how to ride a bike doesn't mean you actually do it well.


And when I wasn't training or racing... I finished a t-shirt quilt that will remain sorta secret until it's home with its new owner.


I finished our guild's quilt for the Pulse nightclub victims and first responders.


I cut out another t-shirt quilt and started piecing it together.


And I actually quilted my own t-shirt quilt! With my very favorite fabric of the last year as the backing. Only the tension was off for the first half of the first row, so I have to pick it out and re-quilt it. So it's really not any closer to being done until the next time I go to the longarm rental. Times like this, I wish I had my own!

So, that's it. Not the best showing - especially if you remember that I meant to have Lori's quilt done and delivered. {Screwed up the backing order. Sigh.} But hey - I've suddenly got a lot of free time, so I'm ready to move on to October!

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