WiP - Snippets

  It's the end of the month crush, with a t-shirt quilt and two swap minis needing to be packed up and mailed by tomorrow. So, while that's mostly what I've been working on this past week, you're only going to get to see snippets until the reveal posts.

So...t-shirt quilt snippet! Isn't that backing fantastic? My kind of girl.

Mini quilt snippet! Those "toes" finish at 1/2". Tiny and adorable, much like...well, not CC. She's hardly tiny. She weighs in at 13 pounds now, while poor Tycho dropped down to eight. We switched his diet food again, and he likes this stuff much better, so hopefully he'll be back up to fighting weight soon.

And Ripples and Reflections! Not really a snippet, but not much to see - I made eight economy block border units. Took three hours, twenty minutes, and added 220 pieces. I think that's the most pieces added in one step, so I'm not feeling so bad about the time now.

And lastly, I finally finished off the piecing of Sail Around the World just in time to quilt it along with the t-shirt quilt this weekend. It has no deadline {the recipient has no idea she's getting it} so there's less rush to bind it.

And Jennie's palette of the week is...movie posters! Summer movie I'm most looking forward to is....duh. Notice how my boyfriend Cap got the front spot over Ironman? Who's got the more successful {recent} stand-alone, hmm? One month to go!

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