WiP - Some Gifts

  Once the t-shirt quilt was out the door last week, I went through my checklist and started pulling out some gifts I have planned for the rest of the year. Might as well get them done before I start yet another UFO, right?

And so, the binding was attached to Sail Around the World, and she went off to live with our former commander.

A decision was made about Spin Cycle, and she went off to live with a dear friend who had a stillborn baby the same week the quilt was damaged.

And with my personal quilts finished and mailed off, I pulled together a top for Quilts of Valor. This was a kit, so I didn't make the blocks {although I did make several disappearing hourglass blocks that are in someone else's kits, somewhere.}

And then I started on my nephew's birthday present. He's a baseball player. Don't know if you could have guessed that one! I think this will be a pillow rather than a wall-mini.

And through all the finishing, I used Taffy as a leader/ender. Which didn't even lead to a single finished block. But all the HSTs are created, so the blocks should go together quickly now as L/E.

Oh, and I finished and mailed my Nerds mini swap, but it went to England so it'll be a while before the reveal.

And then I busted into my next t-shirt quilt box and sketched up a plan. With a Disney focal section in the middle. Love! Time to get cutting!

And the color palette is May the Fourth, because Jennie loves nerds. Although I agree with her husband - TESB is the best movie of the trilogy. Best lines, best action, best ending, no Ewoks... Yeah, I'm wearing my Star Wars skirt proudly today.