WiP - Stores Closing and Opening

I went to the local quilt show this weekend - so much inspiration! But never, ever taking the Little Man out in public again. He says "cow" for car, and calls anything motorized a car...including EVCs with nice old ladies on them. Mortifying. At the show, I found out that a great online store is going brick & mortar! But then the major downfall - the Buggy Barn closed. I had no idea when I was there for the show this year, it would be the last. Buggy Barn was my first ever local quilt store when we lived on base the first time we were here, so I'm saddened by the news.

Anyway, I also sewed and quilted this week.

For starters, I finished off this quilt top, a pattern tested for Jennie. I'm giving away the pattern right here! And it is excellent-y edited, so go buy it. Or win it. Whichever.

Then, I polished off my Instagram mini-swap mini. I adore it, but I deliberately used fabrics that suited my partner, so I'm not tempted to keep it. I will be making another similar one, because the Dude asked for a quilt in a similar layout. Because heaven knows, my kids don't have enough quilts.

And then it was Ripples and Reflections. Oy. Another thirty-five minutes of cutting {there's only five shapes!} and one hour, fifty minutes of piecing. Nothing hard, nothing unsewed - just lots of points to line up and dog ears to trim and parts to keep track of. 168 total pieces in the four different sets.

And then finally, the gorgeousness that is Spin Cycle! She got quilted on Saturday, along with my Summer Drinks that was appropriated for my sorority little sister's new baby. I can't wait to get the binding on her!

Theme of the week is Broadway, and much like Disney, I didn't hesitate to claim my favorite. Although Carousel's poster doesn't exactly translate well into a color palette. I think Billy would be peeved if he knew his neckerchief was purple. But whatever - best.Broadway.musical.ever. Except for Wicked. And the Lion King. And Rent. And Les Mis. And Cats. And...okay, Broadway is awesome. I'm just going to go sing now.

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