WiP - T-shirts and UFOs

  Sewing work was a bit slow last week, as we had VBS in the mornings, and several afternoons I was just too darn tired to do anything else. I think our church holds VBS this "late" in the season to remind us what teachers are about to go through, and to be nicer to them. I know I will be.

One more week until school is in session around here, and I will have two days of complete freedom! You know, to go to the grocery store without having to get the car cart.

So stitching last week was limited to the t-shirt quilt, which was finished up for quilting on Saturday.

And now the binding is all prepped and it will be a finished quilt by Friday! The client wanted it to be a surprise, so no pictures lingering about the internet, just in case.

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I also quilted the Halloween scrap quilt, continuing the very subtle theme with pumpkins. Pumpkins are fun to quilt.

Then I worked on my Not-Quite-Flower blocks, not getting terribly far because some of the pieces I needed were buried in the debris from the great sewing room move. I finally unearthed the yardage and the last three should be finished up this week.

And then finally, during the move, I made stacks and stacks and stacks of UFOs. Once things were fairly settled {sort of}, I grabbed one - the RSC'14 - and got to work. The original plan for sashing and cornerstones involved extensive piecing - similar to the nine patch cornerstones about halfway down this page.

But that meant I had to cut a billion or so 1.5" strips from my scraps, and I kept putting it off. Plus, really, 3" sashing on 9" blocks is a little much, and there's so much color from the churn dashes anyway. So I scrapped the first plan and decided to go with plain old sashing - especially since I adore the sashing fabric anyway.

Of course, now, I'm debating the "dancing sashing" from Bonnie Hunter. Then I don't have to match up the short sashing seams across the looooooong sashing seams. And I don't have to cut long sashing, and pin long sashing, and basically, deal with long sashing. And it gives the churn dashes a bit more movement.

I don't have to make the decision for a few days - I've still got plenty of short sashing to sew - but if you have an opinion, feel free to share. Unless it's the extensive piecing sashing. Then your opinion doesn't count.

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