WiP/FMC - Mojo

I took a week off to recover my mojo... Part of my time off was not reading blogs. I should have kept that up for another week. What is it about the spring that brings out quilting controversy and the snarky anonymous comments?

{My husband, who reads CNN comments, laughs at me. And then says he's glad he fights for the freedom to make snarky anonymous online comments. And then I start laughing hysterically because seriously, that was one of the comments I read. Yes, people, my husband is heading to Afghanistan to protect your right to make snarky anonymous online comments. We're very proud of him. *inappropriate Team America quote*!}

But, ahem, anyway. My mojo is back.

For my Fifteen Minute Challenge, I'm doing something new. This summer, we're going to be living in a hotel for about six weeks while my husband finishes his training. I will go insane if I can't sew for six weeks, but I won't have access to a design wall or a place to cut yardage. So I'm kitting up some simple baby quilts. Every day I spend fifteen minutes ironing, cutting and bagging up a quilt.

Kit #1: Nine patch and snowball

I started two new quilts this week, both for the same friend who refuses to find out if her unborn baby is a boy or girl. I don't do neutral.

The girl block

The boy block

{I know what you're thinking. Kate, you branched out! It's a half log cabin!}

She'll get one, the other will be for sale on my Facebook page.

I finished Frolicking Pinwheels last week. Been doodling quilting patterns on it ever since. I don't have anything with a curve that big to trace!

Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - none

LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - new blocks to make
LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - Blocks done, center medallion started.
Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - backing pieced and ready for basting

Granny Squares - rethought the center squares, and much of the other squares, too. It wasn't bright enough. I salvaged some of the squares and this is the first of the new blocks. Minus the corners. I would totally get the sides and the corners mixed up (I'm using the Traceyjay no-bias edges method), so those will go on all the blocks right before sashing.

Untouched This Week:

Awaiting Quilting...will no longer be seen here. After the hotel living, we're going to live with my parents, and they have a huge basement floor that's begging for someone to baste on it. {And, bonus, three more cats to "help"!} So my focus will be quilt tops until then. And I don't want to look at a long list of projects I'm not working on! I will get them listed on a page up top soon.

Awaiting Binding:

Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - home interview is Saturday. I tell myself I'm not nervous...as I scrub the kitchen grout with bleach.

New Projects: 2
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 12