WiP/FMC - of Boys, Fabric & Permanent Markers

I used my Fifteen Minute Challenge this week to finish Frolicking Pinwheels.
It hasn't really been touched since I sliced off part of my finger while working on it. Mostly for that reason, but also because I dislike squaring HSTs bigger than my 6" ruler. So over the past week, I fixed and cut the last two strip sets, and sewed the last four pinwheels, no more than one per day.
Now I just need to decide on a layout - sashing or not?
Regular Quilts:
Hunter's Star, round two - 56/90 dark half-blocks - and 30/90 blocks(!!)
This is the only time you'll see it on the design wall. It doesn't need to be laid out, and at 9x10 10" blocks, it won't fit anyway.
Fat Quarter Stars - 2/7 blocks - #2 finished this week
Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - slowly filling in the gaps. This is where the aforementioned boy, fabric and permanent marker comes in. One of the issues I have with my quilt is not all of the black pieces are black enough.
The cow print being the primary offender. This makes the black Ohio Stars not stand out as much. Solution? Tape off the irritating QST and hand the Dude a black marker.
These are clouds, so I'm told. And see how the cow print on the left needs the same treatment?
Made in Cherry - my new sewing room has a big open wall, and I'm going to fill it with a big scrappy star made of these. Actually, a small one - I'm cutting my squares to 2.5" and should end up with about a 40x40" wall hanging.
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