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Happy Leap Year Day!

{As a total aside, I noticed I'm two followers short of 50. Hitting 50 followers on my favorite not-really-a-holiday would probably make me want to do a giveaway. Just saying.}

There wasn't a whole lot of sewing this week. There was a whole lot of running. Followed by a whole lot of icing. Not sugar icing, unfortunately.

{I'm the one in the red skirt. Which, those are from Team Sparkle. Which, there were a LOT of sparkle skirts and tutus out there. Purple is my friend Lori; pink is my sister, who's 30th birthday was the day after the race; and blue is my sister's friend.}

See where I'm touching my right leg in this picture at Mile 12? I discovered my IT band! By the finish line, I was limping. Now I have a freezer pack taped to my thigh.

 But I also have a big shiny medal.

And I'm delusional enough that I think it's going to be fun to do Disneyland's half this year, too.
Fifteen Minute Challenge - not Sew Starry! Sew Starry is done!
Instead, I worked on my mini-quilt challenge. Pieced the first six blocks into rows on Wednesday; worked on blocks 7-11 on Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday; tried my hand at embroidery on the plane on Saturday; ran a half-marathon on Sunday; and picked out my hand embroidery on Monday. {It sucked. A lot.}
Fat Quarter Stars - 6/10 blocks - need more background fabric

{Road to Oklahoma - Star of Friendship - Clay's Choice}

LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - my points are not the greatest on this set. Ugh.
Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - okay, this is only two more blue blocks since Monday...
Swoon A Little, Swoon A Lot - no new block this week
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Big Blue

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