WiP/FMC - Swoon and Skorca Week

Hey, for the first time in two weeks, I don't have any fun life events to share! It's good to have a quiet week.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - I did my mini-quilt (see below) Wednesday-Saturday. Then I realized how messy the sewing room had gotten, and dedicated 15 minutes every day to putting away the clutter. Most of it was scraps for Skorca that could finally go back to their boxes. 

And then there was the pile of the Dude's jeans that surpassed his non-destroyed pants. What is it about boys and knees? Fifteen minutes later, there's patches to survive the spring before these become shorts. Like all his pants have for the last three years.
My mini-quilt. It's hanging on the wall until I get the nerve to try hand embroidery again.
Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - will be getting more background fabric on Saturday and having some catch up time

LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - caught up!

Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - is 90% assembled...and all you get is a shot of the middle rows. All I'm going to say is it looks pretty awesome...somehow way smaller than I thought. Something with 80-billion-little-pieces should be bigger than 58" square. Wait, when did 58" square become small?
Swoon A Little, Swoon A Lot - really like this color combo

{Creepy Cat as I assembly Swoon pieces}

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Big Blue

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