WiP/FMC/Just 3 - It's May...

It's May?
Let me rephrase that.
IT'S MAY?!?!

I'm leaving my stash in 3.5 weeks.

I'm moving into a hotel in four weeks.
I'm not ready.

I need more kits.

I need a suitcase for my sewing machine. Which sewing machine am I taking, the light one or the workhorse?
I need to buy a little cutting mat and ruler.
I need more kits.
Can I take a rotary cutter on an airplane?
How am I going to fit everything in the car, with the cats, too? {The Dude doesn't need to pack any toys, right?} I won't have room for both sewing machines, which means I have to haul the heavy one on the airplane.
I need more kits.
How many bags can I check? 

Fifteen Minute Challenge

I continued cutting willy-nilly until Saturday, when I sat down and made a list. Then I made a list of the hotel kits that still need work. Then I made a list of the fabric that still needs to be purchased.

It's a loooooooong list.

But at least I've got something to work with now. 

Just Three

My April goals were the three baby quilts due in May. One, Airplane Dreams, is completely finished.
The other two are in the mostly-quilted stage.
Unnamed Baby Girl Quilt - 75% quilted. I'd show off the quilting, but, well, I wouldn't want to make the cat move.
Granny Squares {mine} - quilting in progress. I already echoed every block. Trying to decide where to add more - in the sashing? {edge-to-edge!} or in the blocks? {more thread burying...}

For May, my Just Three are my husband's Inappropriate T-Shirt Quilt, the back of my cousin's t-shirt quilt, and finishing the heck out of my hotel kits. {And moving into the hotel. After driving to Virginia. With a kid and two cats.}

Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - none
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 12/36
 LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - still working away at the center
Swoon A Little, Swoon A Lot - my last two Swoon blocks. And that brown star? Every single stripe is going the same direction. Oh yeah. It's time to assemble! {Anyone else just yell "Avengers Assemble!"? No? Just me? Okay then...}

Untouched This Week:
St. Paul's Cross 

Awaiting Binding:

Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - held up by background checks from Texas and Washington. Why do we move so much??
USCIS paperwork - in progress
New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 11