WiP - Quilting and Whatnot

  Man, who would have ever thought that getting into the routine of being lazy for summer would be so difficult? After three weeks home, I think we finally got the balance between library trips and outside time and sewing and the bare minimum of chores. Whew.

So, does this mean I'll catch up on the blog? Maybe...but for now...

I wrote the finished post for Ripples and Reflections! So if you still need to see the details on that, check it out.

I quilted! A lot! Actually, new to this stack is a t-shirt quilt and a baby quilt pieced by a friend. But adding to Shivaun Place and Fresh Air and some little things...it looks like I need to have some binding time soon.

Specifically, the t-shirt quilt. Looking pretty good right now!

And I've been piecing and editing a pattern for Chelle's Quilts. This is a good one! Very fast scrap buster, or fat quarter buster, or toss in a charm pack or two...I've used the whole gamut of fabric cuts in mine, and pretty much emptied my Halloween fabric bin.

And I {finally} finished my Animal in You swap project. It'll get its own post soon - probably after I finish up the Broadway one.

Oh, and I ran a half marathon in there, too. With no running whatsoever in between Alaska and Missoula. That was a terrible plan, and my knee is still yelling at me about it. I started some light running today and recovery is going to be slow. Frustrating.

And the color palette of the week! Um, surgery recovery? {Good luck, Jennie!} I haven't had surgery since I was five, so I'm gonna assume they gave me rainbow sherbet. They better have.

Also, while I was searching for a photo, I came across a recipe for Rainbow Sherbet Muddy Buddies. Um, yeah. Making that.

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